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  • How to attract dream clients

    When you have no images to attract dream clients with – A guide to styled shoots. Part one.

    You know exactly WHO you want to work with. You know exactly what their wedding will look like You dream of the perfect aesthetic, and yearn to help make it happen.   But you website images are NOTHING like that dream wedding.  This is a common problem and I hear from many of you that […] Read more…

  • book more fine art weddings

    Book more Fine Art Weddings.

    Do you constantly feel like you are not creating work with your TRUE voice? Do you crave to work with brides who are drawn to the fine art aesthetic for their wedding, and yet never seem to book them? Are fine art weddings your absolute dream for bookings? Do you know in your heart you […] Read more…


  • how to attract dream wedding clients

    How to shoot winter weddings

    Winter Weddings, especially in Northern Europe can really be something of a challenge. The light fades so early ( at the moment it’s around 3.30pm here in the UK ) and in another couple of weeks we will lose daylight even earlier. If you are a natural light shooter like me, you’ll know what a […] Read more…

  • posing people on a photoshoot

    What to do when you run out of ideas on a shoot? – posing people.

      You look up from your camera and see the family standing there. Waiting, wondering. Feeling awkward. ” What do we do?” they ask, ” how do you want us to be?”. You panic swells, you can feel your throat tightening and your heart begins to race. You know they need you to guide them […] Read more…